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Bien Dragueur 250ml

Bien Dragueur 250ml

Mysterious | Passionate

Bien Dragueur, a true companion to passionate achievers, evoking a feeling of confidence in those who aspire to achieve greatness. The freshness of zesty grapefruit unfolding into a delicate symphony of floral lavender with tantalizing hints of sage and cardamom, while a luxurious touch of leather adds a comforting warmth, encouraging us to reach new heights.

Mystiq perfume sprays embody this spirit of exploration, offering a fusion of body spray, perfume, and deodorant- adapting to your desires.

Key Features

Extra Long Lasting

Perfect For Daily Use

Luxurious Packaging

Perfect Gift

Spray & Slay!

Shake well and hold 6 inches from the body and spray. Keep it light, enjoy the process, and let the delightful scent do its thing.

A handsome man wearing white t-shirt spraying deodorant perfume body spray.