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Oud Al Aurous 250ml

Oud Al Aurous 250ml

Inspiring | Uplifting

Unlock the gate of boundless possibilities with Oud Al Aurous, igniting the spark to chase dreams. The luxuriously textured saffron, combined with lavender and nutmeg, evokes a wave of positive energy, while the natural essence of agarwood blended with amber, patchouli, and musk creates a comforting atmosphere that boosts confidence.

Mystiq perfume sprays embody this spirit of exploration, offering a fusion of body spray, perfume, and deodorant- adapting to your desires.

Key Features

Extra Long Lasting

Perfect For Daily Use

Luxurious Packaging

Perfect Gift

Spray & Slay!

Shake well and hold 6 inches from the body and spray. Keep it light, enjoy the process, and let the delightful scent do its thing.

A handsome man wearing white t-shirt spraying deodorant perfume body spray.