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Tuberose Wonder 250ml

Tuberose Wonder 250ml

Enchanting | Feminine | Elegant

Tuberose Wonder, a symbol of feminine beauty, where every note intertwines purity and elegance. Feel the freshness and fruity sense of peach and freesia uplifting the fragrance, while the sensual allure of rose coupled with earthy iris and the sweetness of tuberose create a mesmerizing aura. The distinctive aromas of sandalwood, amber, and creamy vanilla add a warm and natural base.

Mystiq perfume sprays embody this spirit of exploration, offering a fusion of body spray, perfume, and deodorant- adapting to your desires.

Key Features

Extra Long Lasting

Perfect For Daily Use

Luxurious Packaging

Perfect Gift

Spray & Slay!

Shake well and hold 6 inches from the body and spray. Keep it light, enjoy the process, and let the delightful scent do its thing.

A beautiful young woman smiling and holding a blue body spray.